The MUGA (Multi Use Games Area)

Everyone at St Marys are extremely excited with the progress of the MUGA and cannot wait for this to be completed. The opportunities it will bring in the community are endless, we are looking forward to the time when it is up and running!


  • During PE, this half term KS2 have been enjoying their Tag-rugby and gymnastics. They have been improving and learning new skills during their lessons with Mr Jones. During tag-rugby, pupils have learnt about the key skills needed to succeed which include: movement (with and without the ball), supporting the ball carrier, passing techniques, passing during game scenarios, attacking and defending game.

In gymnastics, pupils have learnt about shapes and balances, movements, creating basic sequences and sharing/ mirroring these with a partner.

In both sessions the children have evaluated their performance and discussed how they could improve and develop their skills further.

  • During this half term KS1 have been working on FUNdamentals (throwing & catching) along with gymnastics.

In their lessons of FUNdamentals, Year 1/2 have been working on different ways to throw/catch a ball using 1 or 2 hands and challenging themselves to be able to catch the ball whilst moving in different ways and directions. They have also been catching different types of balls and discovering the challenges when trying to catch different sized and shaped balls.

  • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) have been enjoying a multi-sports, they are beginning to learn key skills for sports whilst working on their gross and fine motor skills to help develop their body movements and control.

After School Clubs

MondayYear 3/4 Year 5/6Football
WednesdayYear 1/2Muti-sports
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