Sports Week – 21st June

During sports week the children will have the chance to learn new and exciting skills in a variety of different sports. They will be taught by a mix of specialist sports coaches in new sports they may not have tried before and also have a chance to show off their superb skills in some of their favourite sports. They will also have a chance to learn inside the classroom where they will be taking part in team building exercises and learn more about a healthy active lifestyle and how they can make an impact to help improve the healthiness of their own lifestyle.

Sports day 25th June

This will take place on the Friday of sports week and will be a fanastic way to end what we are sure will be a fun filled and exciting week for all of us at St Marys!

Cycle Track

We are super excited to be able to finally unveil our cycle track around the school field! This is an excellent opportunity for the children to have in their school, as they will now have even more sporting and learning opportunities. We look forward to officially unveiling the track and being able to welcome you all to come and use the track inside school. We know the children have already enjoyed it so far but they can’t wait to bring their bikes and get going!


For the last summer half term KS2 will be working on 2 particualr areas of sport. They will taking part in cricket and athletics during their PE lessons. Cricket will help them to iurpvoe their striking and fielding skills where they will learn and improve on current abilities which include being able to; hit a moving ball accurately and for distance, being able to catch a ball from height with either 1 or 2 hands and they will also be able to perform an overarm bowl correctly with varying degrees of accuracy to the wickets. In their athletics lessons KS2 will take part in a host of track and field events where they will compete against each other to improve their current abilities. They will look at how and when to run for speed or distance depending on the race and teamwork needed in team races such as a relay. They will also look at the correct form for jumping events such as long jump or triple jump etc. and in their field events how they can best throw for distance.

  • KS1 –

During the 2nd summer half term KS1 will be working on improving some key fundamentals they have already learnt. This half term they will be learning to improve their striking and fielding skills through playing cricket. In their cricket they will learn how to correctly strike a moving ball and hit for distance and accuracy, whilst also being able to correctly catch a ball with 2 hands. KS1 will learn the foundation movements to bowling overarm and underarm and how these can help us in different situations. For their second PE KS1 will be using athletics to work on their fundamentals of running, jumping and throwing. This will be done through a mix of different track and field events in a fun and enjoyable way.

  • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 

Our foundation stage are working on their fundamental movements through sports using athletics. During this half term they will be looking at the very basics of running, jumping, climbing and balancing. All of this will be done in a fun filled way in which they can learn and enjoy themselves all at the same time.

After School Clubs

MondayYear 3/4 Year 5/6Football
TuesdayYear 1/2Multi-sports
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