Admissions Policy
Allegations of Abuse Against Staff Policy
Anti-bullying Policy Pupils
Assessment Policy
Attendance Policy
Behaviour and Discipline Policy
Appendix to Behaviour Policy
Central Services Policy and Appeals Process
Charging and Remissions Policy
Child Friendly Anti-Bullying Policy - Feeling Safe and Happy at School
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
Child Protection Policy Annex
Child Protection Policy Appendix 2
Collecting Children from School Policy
Annex to Complaints Policy
Computing Policy
Curriculum Policy
Cyberbullying Policy
Data Protection Policy School Version
Data Protection Policy Public Version
EAL Policy
Early Years LAC
Educational Visits and School Trips Policy
English Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy
E-Safety Policy
Exclusion Policy
First Aid Policy
Annex to First Aid Policy Applicable during COVID-19 pandemic
Freedom of Information Policy
GDPR Data Protection Policy
Geography Policy
Gritting Plan Policy
Guide for Education Settings Supporting CYP MH EWB -COVID-19
Health & Safety Policy
History Policy
Homework Policy
Intimate Care Policy
LAC Policy
Lost Child Policy
Maths Policy
Music Policy
One-to-One Tuition Policy
Online Safety Policy
Oral Health Policy
PE Policy
Personnal Evacuation Plan
Physical Restraint and Reasonable Force Policy
Positive Handling Policy
Power Maths Y1 and Y2 Calculation Policy
Power Maths Y3 and Y4 Calculation Policy
Power Maths Y5 and Y6 Calculation Policy
PSHE Policy
Draft Primary Languages Policy
Primary School English Policy
Pupils with Additional Health Needs Attendance Policy
RE policy
RSHE Policy
Safer Recruitment Policy
SEN Information
SEND Policy
SEN Information Report
SEND Special Arrangements DRAFT
Science Policy
Social Media Policy
Social Mental and Emotional Health Policy
Smoke-Free Policy
Teaching and Learning Policy
Website Privacy Policy
Wellbeing Principles
DDMAT Programme of Study Relationships Education Sex Ed and Health Ed June
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